1 on 1 Videos With Bernie Gallerani:

Video #1 Business Plan

Video #2 Business Plan Continued

Video #3 WSM Nashville “HOT” Properties

Video #4 The Accumulation Effect

Video #5 12 Characteristics of Top Producing Agents

Video #6 Prospecting Your COI and Past Clients

Video #7 Prospecting Expired Listings

Video #8 Pre-Qualifying the Listing Presentation


How to add a new Lead into Boomtown

How to properly Categorize your leads in Boomtown and make a note

How to log your calls and schedule follow up in Boomtown

How to Set up E alerts in Boomtown

How to set up automatic Drips in Boomtown based on lead category changes

Managing Drips in your Boomtown

How to assign a Lender in Boomtown

How to Manage your to do’s in Boomtown

Boomtown’s Advanced Lead Filters

How to Find our Team Listings on Boomtown

Best Fit Leads Tool in Boomtown

Sending Bulk text messages in Boomtown

Mike Ferry Number’s Analyzer:

How to set your calendar In the Number Analyzer

How to set your goals in the Mike Ferry Numbers Analyzer

How to report your weekly numbers in the Mike Ferry Numbers Analyzer

How to Add New Pending Deals and Close Transactions in your Numbers Analyzer

Dot Loop:

How to start a new Loop in Dot Loop

How to set up Dot Loop to Auto Fill your Contract Docs

Writing an Offer In Dot Loop

Vulcan 7:

Vulcan 7 Getting Started

Vulcan 7 Dial Session Summary

Recorded Role Play Sessions: